My Contribution to SHINE

Jacquelin Cangro writes, “In an effort to continue on my path to living more deliberately, I’m starting a new section of the blog.  The  germ of the idea came to me when I was volunteering for a non-profit organization by writing articles for their website. All of the articles were positive stories featuring kids or adults who were making a difference in their communities. Each interview left me inspired and humbled.”

She continues, “…This section is meant to be just that: a repository for uplifting stories about everyday people who are following their dreams. Maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps or share their stories with your friends. That’s why I’m calling this page SHINE. I hope it will spread some light and warmth.”

I approached Jacquelin, asking her if I could submit something about my animal rescuing friend, Elise Cohen. Elise runs a not-for-profit animal shelter called Pick of the Litter. Elise runs this shelter alone.

Jacquelin was familiar with Elise and her organization, having donated items for a summer fundraising program. Happily, Jacquelin let me tell others about Elise and her wonderful organization. I hope you will take a few minutes to read “SHINE: A Life’s Calling Fulfilled”.

To Jacquelin I say, “Thank you for letting me tell others about the rays of light Elise shines on our furry friends.” And to everyone else, I ask you to support Pick of the Litter, and add Jacquelin to your blogroll.

Thank you!

11 thoughts on “My Contribution to SHINE

  1. You have a most excellent heart and I was happy to check out her post. Our Frankie is a “rescue” dog … and the best dog in the entire universe. He’s 11, and I hate to think of the day when he no longer is with us.

    Good stuff! MJ

    1. Good for you for caring for a ‘rescue’ dog. Seems the best dog – Frankie – found the best doggie owners – you and your family. Thanks for the compliment, MJ! Cheers!

  2. I went over and visited…many thanks. People who do this type of work deserve medals of honour. Thank god there are places where hurt/abandoned animals can exist in health and peace.

    My little cat, Duc, had been a companion to a woman dying of cancer. When she died, he was put in a shelter. Ours was love at first sight. I think that little Duc had decided that he will not let this human die on him. He brings me more food than he can eat – which is why we cannot have a cat door! I’m it! 😀

    1. Soul Dipper, I love Duc! How sweet that he was a companion to someone who clearly needed some uplifting. And then, for you to take Duc into your home, providing him with the same support and companionship he provided his previous friend. Lovely. Sweet that he wants to make sure you eat. Too cute!

      Thank you for visiting Jackie’s blog. Her stuff is excellent.

  3. My brother and family had a beautiful, sweet Red Irish Setter, Maggie, who was the companion to a woman who died of cancer. After they adopted her she lived just a few more years than her original owner. She came on the scene at a perfect time to keep four active boys company during those teenage years. We all miss her.

      1. Thank you, Nancy.
        Now – with regards to my gall bladder? If it has an issue with the relationship I have with ice cream, well – it’ll have to go. Nothing gets between me and my ice cream. (smile)

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