What is it Wednesday

It is time again for another installment of Wednesday’s “What is It?”. Which means, it is time again for me to repeat what I said last week at this time.

I challenge you to guess what my picture is today, and I invite you to create your own photo challenge. Tag your post with ‘mystery photo’, and use the hash-tag #mysteryphoto on Twitter.For the record, I think the photo today is an excellent challenge. I hope to stump many of you.

Unlike past weeks, I considered offering a prize to the first person guessing the photo correctly. Alas, this is a busy week for me, and I haven’t a clue what to offer as a prize. So, once again, I have no prize for the winner.

So, what is it?  Leave a comment, letting me know what you think the photo shows.  I’ll tell you the answer in my post on Friday.  (If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will need to use the back-arrow to return to the post.)

NOTE: I am making all comments ‘pending approval’, so everyone can guess on their own. Comments will be ‘released’ on Friday.


What is it C


30 thoughts on “What is it Wednesday

  1. The only think that comes to my pea sized brain is holes in a bowling ball….but the inside color doesn’t make sense to me so……Can’t wait to find out what it really is!!!

  2. Bottom of a ‘sit and spin’? Was thinking possibly a barbell weight… but then remembered who I was talking to… 🙂 Its definitely a kid something or other….

  3. Stumped!
    I’m not giving up yet, though. It’s still only Wednesday and I am not ready to cry uncle yet. Let me finish grading these infernal essays and then maybe I can turn full power onto the picture 🙂

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