60 Clear as Mud Moments

“Finally,” I said to myself. “I have a moment.” Smiling, I chuckle to myself and say, “Actually, I have about 60 moments, if each moment is a minute long.” Then I shake my head, proving (yet again) that I am a dork.

This week has been crazy. I look at the calendar, and I see too many commitments and too many deadlines. I get up and head to the bedroom, where I find laundry baskets filled with dirty clothes. Read more

I’m serious about the voices.

Dear Blogary,

I am confused. I have written three draft posts pertaining to current events during the months of April and May 2011. These drafts have turned into voices in my head, rattling around faster and louder when I catch news stories, other blog posts, Twitter feeds and Facebook commentaries.

Blogary, you know when you get really angry and write an angry letter or email, friends will advise you to sleep on it before sending, right? Friends (and family for that matter) advise you to give yourself a cooling off period. Well, I am doing my best to keep the voices in my head, giving myself  the recommended cooling off period. Alas, as I mentioned earlier, the voices increase when I stumble across other posts, news articles, editorials, etc. Read more