Project 366: Day 11

Enough with the family, eh? Well, how about a splash of color?

I work Tuesdays and Thursdays at the home of my boss. I love sitting in her office, because she surrounds herself with a veritable plethora of colored post-it note pads, notebooks, markers, pencils, highlighters and binder clips. (Yes, binder clips come in a color other than black!)

This week, while reviewing bills with her at her desk, I asked her if I could snap a shot of her cup o’color. Permission granted, I send you colorful thoughts for the middle of your work week! Read more

Under the Influence

Good morning. I start this blog relatively early in the morning, but I am willing to bet I will finish the blog in the late afternoon. Join me, please, while I share some thoughts with you. Today I am influenced by a rare 3rd cup of coffee. I typically stop at two. I’m not sure good things come from three cups of coffee. Then again, today may be the day that I get tons of hits on my blog and I become famous. Hmmm . . . perhaps I should go for four cups of coffee today? Based on my shaking hands, I’ll forgo the 4th cup. Read more