I Spy


I spy with my little eye, something the color ‘red’. ‘I spy’ is a game we play during dinner. We also have several ‘I spy’ books, which we read before bed. I’m not sure it’s the best book to read before bed, because the pictures on the pages of the ‘I spy’ book are so busy, as are your eyes and brain, as you try to find various items hidden within the busy picture. It’s not exactly a calming and quiet read.

Today my brain is as full as the pages in an ‘I spy’ book. I have so many thoughts and ideas, but I’m not sure where to take these thoughts and ideas. As I type, I can smell the Cinnamon and Sugar Yankee Candle that burns in my kitchen. I am wondering if a blog about Yankee Candle would be entertaining. No worries. I’m going with the thought that it wouldn’t be entertaining. But I must tell you, the cinnamon and sugar candle is heavenly. Continue reading

Keeping a Schedule


You know the saying, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ right? Well, please don’t judge this post by the title. You will not learn how to keep a schedule here. Keeping a schedule is not one of my areas of expertise, though I am a planner. This week I am going to be challenged with a full calendar, including three separate doctor appointments on three separate days.

I opened the junk drawer this morning to see if I could find something that might help me keep things together. Though I did find string, tape, nails and a hammer, I tend to think those items wouldn’t help with the job, housekeeping, child rearing and appointment keeping. I also found a shoot, develop & toss camera. Perhaps I should take pictures of me trying to keep a schedule.

I don’t mind being busy, but I mind not having downtime. Today is my downtime day, and I will milk it. Last night, the weather forecasters warned of a winter storm. I was concerned the boys would be home, my husband would be home and I would be catering to their every need, while also trying to do my daily unsung tasks. Happily, the forecasters were wrong. This morning, we woke to a gray day with no signs of freezing precipitation. Woo hoo! The kids went to day care, my husband went to work and I have the day to myself to do what I need to do at my own pace. Does that sound selfish? Yes, I believe it does sound selfish, and I reserve the right to be selfish whenever I find downtime.

Keeping a schedule to me means finding downtime. I do all I can to find time to myself. Whenever the kids are around, I find it virtually impossible to not be attentive to their every need. My weakness, this I know. Whenever my husband is around, I find it virtually impossible to not become overwhelmed with expectations. My weakness, this I know. I don’t believe I am alone with these weaknesses. I believe Moms across the world suffer from the same whatchamacallit. Keeping a schedule can offer help to the crazy, provided you find the downtime. Trying to keep a schedule with no downtime will only make one crazy. Just ask me.

Please don’t take this as complaining. I am not complaining. This is my life, and I have a good life. I am sitting here in a comfy chair, blogging on a laptop. We have food, clothing and shelter. I have two healthy boys, and I have a husband who is still my husband. As a bonus, I have two dogs sleeping soundly on their doggie bed and blanket, while a guest dog shares the space with them. I work from home, and I love my job. And, today, I have a wide open day to enjoy as downtime. I will get some laundry done today, and I will reserve my right to hold off vacuuming until Friday. Ah, the joy of being your own housekeeping boss.

All the above said, maintaining my composure this week will prove challenging. The appointments will be long, and rush hour traffic will be annoying. But, I will do all I can to keep the schedule and find the downtime. I will enjoy the laughter with the boys, and I will see what I can do to bring a smile to my husband’s face. In fact, I believe I have some markers and glitter pens in the junk drawer. Perhaps I’ll make some hand-crafted smiles and surprise my husband and boys throughout the week. Or maybe, I’ll make time to sit down with the boys and make glittery creations together. After all, the housekeeping is already on the schedule, no need to avoid messes, especially when I’m the boss.

Minding the Manic


This morning is a crazy morning for me. My thoughts are in overdrive, and I am finding it difficult to focus on one thought and seeing it through to completion. And, with the manic state of mind comes tension. I seem to be in a constant state of tension. Even as I type, I feel the tension in my upper back and lower jaw. I tell myself to relax, and I do – for a second. But the tension finds me again. Continue reading

Coffee, bagel and people watching


This morning I walked to Einstein Bros Bagels for a cup of coffee and a bagel. I enjoyed my morning meal sitting at a table for one. And, as I sat waiting for both the coffee and the bagel sandwich to cool down to a safe edible temperature, I looked around at the people also enjoying coffee and baked goods.

People watching is one of my most favorite hobbies. My imagination runs wild when I see people out and about in the world. I know what I envision in my mind is no where near what the reality is for the people I see, still I have fun creating various stories. This morning was no different, though much of what I observed seemed too real. Sitting in small restaurants, it is hard not to hear the conversations that take place around you. And, people seem less aware of their surroundings these days, as they walk around lost in conversation on their cell phones. I am amazed how many bits of information are shared quite loudly during cell phone conversations. I often wonder if the person on the other end realizes the person with whom they are speaking is making their ‘private’ conversation public. Continue reading