Gentlemen, Start your engines!

Please note: This blog was started on Monday April 26th.

It begins today, and it will run for the next four to six weeks. Swimming lessons Monday – Friday from 11:10 until 11:30, admission process for Montessori school, putting 25hrs into my paid job, various dental/doctor appointments and maintaining the chores in and around the house. As I drove the boys to Suzann’s this morning, I was going over the chaos beginning today. Seems this is a good example of what summer will bring, when the kids actually do start school and follow the school-year calendar. Happily, I still have a year before that happens.

On Sunday, I went to luncheon for women at our church. The purpose of the luncheon was to make sure the women knew what type of groups and activities took place within the church, specifically for women. In addition to the rundown of various woman’s groups, we heard Connie Smith speak. And, as I listened to Connie’s story, it was another reminder that we all live a life full of chaos and challenges.

The chaos of this week and the weeks ahead seems trivial in the shadows of Connie’s story. But, I am not Connie, and though I learned something from her story and took with me a refreshed mindset, the reality of my life is the only reality I know. I mention Connie and her story, because as I write about my challenges, I understand there are others out there with bigger challenges. Plus, knowing others are struggling, helps me keep my things in perspective.

I tried to find my Super Woman outfit Sunday night, prepping for the weeks ahead. In my search, I found Charlie’s wubba nub, one of Joe’s puzzle pieces, two quarters and a slice of toast. [Don’t ask.] I’m not sure where I left my Super Woman outfit. Maybe that is why I am having a hard time keeping everything afloat. Surely, once I find the outfit, I’ll be back on track and invincible. Plus, I look really hot in the Super Woman outfit. Though, honestly, when I am bloated, the outfit is much too restrictive.

I have started my engine, and this week has me running in high gear. I’m enjoying the chaos for the most part; because, when I don’t have things pressing, I tend to procrastinate to the point of complete avoidance. Plus, it is easier for me to keep away from spontaneous snacking, when I am busy with life. As is often the case for me, snacking is frequent while idling. Although, snacking while stressed is another habit of mine. Here’s hoping I continue to find the fun amidst the chaos, and the Ben & Jerry’s stays at the grocery store.

So, I started this post on Monday, as I indicated. And today? Yes, today is Wednesday April 28th. Seems the busy schedule leaves little time for blogging. Rest assured, I have managed to stay up-to-date on emails, Facebook, and We all have our priorities, eh? I have also squeezed in a movie via Netflix, playtime with the boys, multiple loads of laundry and . . . Well, I am sure I accomplished other non-scheduled tasks. And once again, my blogging is being cut short, as it is time to pick up the boys and take them to swim class. Once swim class is over, I will need to tend to the vacuuming. I don’t think it is a good sign, when the carpet resembles a hiking trail.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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