The Healing House :: A Work of Fiction


I can feel my head starting to clear, as I pull the car over and park. Coming here is like pressing a reset button for my day. Looking at my grandparent’s old house across the street, I let my mind take me back to my childhood. Continue reading

Alone in a conversation of silence


The sun is up, its rays starting to slip through the blinds, gently lightening the room. The smell of fresh brewed coffee fills the air, mixing with the morning conversations. She is surrounded by friends, yet she feels alone.

True, there is a history of drama prior to trips. The packing, the cleaning, the caring for the kids creates tension within her. She tries to keep it inside, but more often than not – the tension breaks out, spewing anger everywhere. Continue reading

Silence and Pause


Today, I have two words for the day: Silence and Pause. Silence was the first word that popped into my head this morning, when I was contemplating the day ahead me. But, I wanted a word that conveys more of a deliberate or thoughtful state. If you take a moment to be silent, it can provide you with a moment to turn around a negative thought process. Pausing for a moment can yield similar results. Continue reading