A Pity Party :: Table for One


Yesterday, I invited myself to a party. Yes, I invited myself to my very own pity party, and I sat at a table for one. The music playing in the background was the song by Moving Pictures, “What About Me”.

“I want my share.” I thought to myself. “I’m tired of being overlooked.” Continue reading


Cursive handwriting – the new hieroglyphics


The family gathered in the living room waiting for our nephew to start opening his birthday cards and presents. He opened his first card and read it aloud. When he got to the handwritten sentiment, he had to pass it to someone else to read. “I can’t read cursive.” He said.

What?! What did my 14yr old nephew say? He can’t read cursive? What?!

Seeing my shock, my sister-in-law said, “They don’t teach cursive in school anymore.” Continue reading