Project 366: Day 202

“Ladybug!” Charlie yells. “Oh, good one.” Joe replies.

My boys created a new car game. Inspired by their love for ladybugs, they now play a game they call Ladybug. When you see a red car you are to yell “Ladybug!”; if you are the first one to yell the word then you get a point. Be careful, though. If you see a yellow car and you yell “Chicken” before your opponent, then your opponent will lose all their points. You see, chickens eat ladybugs.

The creation of this game comes at a perfect time. We are hitting the road next week and heading to Nova Scotia, and I am certain we’ll see lots of ladybugs and chickens. Feel free to join in the fun and play our game. I’ll extend your thanks to Joe and Charlie for the idea. You’re welcome.

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Project 366: Day 201

While Charlie is bee-bopping around, charming everyone with his smile, Joe remains quiet. Joe is the thoughtful sort. He questions. He ponders. He explores. He amazes others with his thoughts and ideas. He can be a bit cranky at times, too. He takes after his Mom.

Whatever you question, ponder, or explore today, I hope you remain cranky-free.

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Once upon a time: A story about a dog and an artist

Once upon a time, I was a house/dog sitter. When folks with animals traveled out of town, they contacted me to stay at their place and take care of their animals.

One of my clients was a woman with a dog named, Lina. I loved when Lina’s owner went out of town, because Lina was one of my favorite pooches to visit.

Lina and I became very close. When Lina’s Mom was given an opportunity to relocate to Massachusetts for work/school, she asked me if I wanted to adopt her. I literally jumped at the chance, and Lina became MY Lina.

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