Project 366: Day 297 Two Tails For Tuesday

A true photographer would take to PhotoShop and remove the orange extension cord. I guess my secret is out – I am not a true photographer. Hopefully, you’re too distracted by the furry critters to notice anything else.



10 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 297 Two Tails For Tuesday

    1. I’ve yet to see a picture where Chase is not crossing his paws. He is a fantastic dog. He barrels towards you like he is going to mow you over, and then he simply stops. It happens every time, and it never gets old.

  1. 2 Tail Tuesday sounds like a name from the movie “Sandlot” 🙂 I always enjoy your photos, especially of our furry friends

    PS Frankie crosses his paws. I call him Dick Cavett.


  2. I completely agree with Patti, Ms. D! You are indeed! And there’s a whole school of thought that says it’s almost cheating to manipulate an image too much in post… and I can respect that (even though I completely mangle pretty much any/everything Photoshop).

    1. Thank you, SIG. I think there is a technique to any sort of manipulation in photos. There is an artist talent needed to take it to just the right level. You have both gifts, my friend. Your work is incredible regardless of the amount or absence of Photoshop.

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