Dog Days of Summer :: Take Two

I’ve made it to day two. I don’t recall the last time I posted something two days in a row. Alas, a challenge where dogs are involved is a good motivator for me.

Please sit back and enjoy my contribution to Blogdramedy’s Blog Shorts, “The Dog Days of Summer”: 10 days, 10 stories, and 110 words.

Diggz and Sawyer

.: Take Two :.

Staring into the eyes of the two pups, Steve knew he found his forever, furry friends. “Mike, I think we should get one of these dogs.”

Distracted by the music, Mike sang, “I hear the drums echoing tonight, but she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation…”


“What? Oh. How can we separate these two pups? They’re siblings.”

“You think we should get Toto, too?”

“HA! Good one.” Mike said. “Yeah, let’s take both pups home. Hey listen, “The wild dogs cry out in the night…”

“Mike stop, or I’ll call for the winged monkeys to take you away.”


Today’s post was inspired by two real sibling pups looking for a new forever home. The pictures shows Diggz and Sawyer, 3yr old pups that get along with adults, kids, other dogs, and cats. If you know someone that may be interested in rescuing these siblings, please contact the Canine Rehabilitation Center by accessing their Facebook Page: Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary.

And don’t forget…

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16 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer :: Take Two

    1. I was 10 words short, though. I guess that proves you can make many reference in few words? That, or I need to pay more attention to my word count. Thanks, SA.

  1. Love the subtle reference to the band Toto. And triple dog love that you’re helping find a home for those beautiful pups!

  2. Two days in a row–I’m liking this, Lenore. I hope you don’t up and leave us high and dry after ten days!

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