The Dog Days of Summer :: The Real Victim

I’m baaaaack! Well, I’m back for the next 10 days, at least.

See, Blogdramedy has a “thing” going on right now. Initially, I was going to pass on the “thing”, because I’ve not had the desire to write. But then my friends agreed to do the “thing”, and well – I decided to embraced my lack of leadership skills and put on my “I will follow” t-shirt. So, here I am, taking part in Blogdramedy’s Blog ShortsThe Dog Days of Summer: 10 days, 10 stories, and 110 words. Feel free to join us. All the cool people are doing it.


.: The Real Victim :.

She watched from the woods, as the paramedics and police drove off with the family. Once the vehicles were out of view, she walked toward the house.

The lifeless body lay on the ground, covered in dried blood and foam. She fell to her knees and sobbed. “How could they do this to you?” She cried. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Walking around to the shed, she found a wheelbarrow. She struggled to get the body into the wheelbarrow and wiped the foam from her hands.

“You will be back, Cujo.” She said, as she wheeled the lifeless ball of matted fur into the Pet Sematary. “And, they will be sorry.”


I felt bad for Ellie losing her cat in Steven King’s Pet Sematary, and I cried when Cujo died. One might think I have more respect for pets than people. Well, when you consider the respect most pets give unconditionally (cats excluded, of course), why not hold pets with higher regards? Anywho…

I’ll be back for the next few days, as I take part in Blogdramedy’s challenge. I hope you’ll return, and I hope you’ll read the others that are taking part in The Dog Days of Summer.

Blogdramedy – the alpha dog

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H.E. Ellis – he likes pithy and, for some reason, Chevy Impalas

Fix it or Deal – Amy’s into robots so she’s building her own mechanical dog

Lenore Diane – peanut butter & bananas sandwiches make her day (‘ats me!)

13 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer :: The Real Victim

  1. Love the mash-up! I cried when Cujo died, too. In the book, the boy died as well. I didn’t cry for him. Says a lot about me, I suppose. 🙂

  2. I am totally with you on the pets…cats included. They show their love. just differently. 😉 But, I’ll pass on the Blogdramedy. You seem to have it nailed. 😉

  3. I refuse to watch aq pet themed movie after crying in Elementary school after watching Old Yeller. Good for her that she has Cujo’s best interests at heart.

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