Dinner Time :: A Drabble

For the love of words, where is my drabble? The sun has nearly set on this Friday, and yet I have not posted my drabble. You noticed, right?

Okay kids, happy Drabble Day: a short work of fiction, exactly 100 words in length.

As is the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, I talk about the mystery photo before I share the drabble.

Let’s be honest; the picture I shared with you this week was no major mystery. I think all but three of you guessed the picture correctly. Well done.

The first person to identify the mystery photo correctly was my friend, Deanne. Congrats, D! I’m glad you are playing the game.

The second person who guessed the photo correctly was trying to redeem herself for not knowing the picture the previous week. Well, consider yourself redeemed, Leonore.

For the few of you that were stumped, I’ve hidden the answer in the drabble. Enjoy!


Dinner Time

She stood up and started walking inside. “I’m going to check on dinner.”

The boys played in the sandbox, using their Tonka trucks to move the sand.

The girls kept attention on their tea party with various dolls and animals.

Mom opened the window, “Dinner is ready! Clean up and come inside, please!”

“Yay!” The kids yelled in unison, knowing pizza was on the menu tonight.

The boys grabbed their trucks and put them in the toy box.

The girls gathered the cups and saucers, teapot, and their tea-time guests to bring back into the house.

The chair stood alone.



15 thoughts on “Dinner Time :: A Drabble

    1. Aw Susan, thank you. This week was a hard one for me. Incorporating a chair … that’s tough. I am glad you liked it. As I told Lina, I was inspired by the song, “The Farmer in the Dell”. Rather than the cheese standing alone, it was the chair that stood alone.

    1. Thank you, CK. As I’ve said before – all the pictures seem obvious to me, because I am the one taking the picture. It is hard to crop the photo to the point that the picture becomes a mystery. The drabble this week was tough; I am glad you liked it.

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