A Photo on a Friday

As promised by the weather forecasters, the clouds parted and the sun rose without any visible filters. Welcome to the weekend. So good to have you back, Sun. You’ve been missed. Greatly.

Sunrise (1)

14 thoughts on “A Photo on a Friday

  1. Nice! So glad for you. I was noticing our blue sky, with a few fluffy white clouds, and sunshine. I’m glad that is the default setting after passing weather systems.

    1. The blue sky streak continues, Patti! The temps are low, but the sun is high and shining brightly. I love being blinded by the sunlight every morning when I take the boys to school.

    1. I wish I could tell you how I created that effect, SIG. Actually, you could probably tell me how I created that effect. 🙂 I did like the view looking up vs. just a straight shot. Glad you liked it.

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