Project 366: Day 357 A Night Out

These pictures are a day late (and cell phone quality). My apologies. Rob and I enjoyed a night out listening to live music performed by David Ryan Harris and Michael Tolcher.  These guys played at the Red Clay Theater, owned by Eddie Owen of Eddie Owen Presents. If you come to Atlanta, you need to make the drive North to Duluth, and enjoy some live music at the Red Clay Tavern. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town at the same time David and Michael are in town.


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4 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 357 A Night Out

  1. Is this the Eddie from the former Eddie’s Attic? It makes me think that because of the intro about being quiet while the music is playing. Eddie’s Attic was a listening room and was the best musical experience I’ve ever had. I was sad when I heard he closed.

    1. Yes, Leah! Eddie’s Attic is still around, though Eddie no longer owns the place. I’ve been an Eddie follower since he started at Trackside Tavern, which was just across the tracks from the Attic. I love the fact that you noted the ‘quiet’. I took that picture because that encompasses Eddie. I also have a picture (in my files) of the banner/flag he hung at Eddie’s Attic noting the ‘quiet’ expected. He has such a respect for the musician/artist, and he expects his audience to have the same respect. Next time you are in the area you should buy tickets to see a show. Regardless of the performer, you are guaranteed a fantastic show.

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