BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 9, The Finale

BlogFestivus 2012: a seasonal short story writing challenge.

Blogdramedy’s writing challenge ended yesterday. I’m late to the finish line, but I am crossing the finish line. That’s what matters most, right? (Please nod your head accordingly.) If you haven’t already, please access the links to the other writers who rode on this joyous reindeer train. You’ll find the list of links at the end of this post.

Part 9

Rudolph slowly walked out of the bedroom, his red nose flickering with fear. “I didn’t do anything.” He said timidly.

Dasher started to charge, but Comet stopped him.

“Let the kid explain.” Comet said. “He didn’t write the note.”

“How the hell do you know, Comet?” Prancer asked, while Dasher growled.

“Because I told him.” Rudolph fumbled for a bit, pulling something out of his collar. “I got a note, too.”

Dasher grabbed the note; his face became as red as Rudolph’s nose. “Someone sent us the same note.” he said.

“When I got the note I panicked. I was like – well, I was like one of us in headlights. Proving I didn’t kill you – Dasher, King of the Bucks – would be impossible. I headed to your place, in hopes of destroying anything that might incriminate me. But you were home, and you were livid. I followed you to Dancer’s place. That’s when I realized this was a joke.”

“I’m not laughing.” Dasher said.

“I’m not laughing, either. I don’t know who is behind this charade. I came to Vixen’s place to let her know it was supposed to be a joke.”

The doorbell rang. “Now what?!” Vixen asked, exasperated.

It was Santa.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” He said with delight. “Jokes on you: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, and you, Rudolph! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”

Santa died that day, but we don’t tell the kids.


All of the Other Reindeer…participants:

Blogdramedy – the Conductor of this Joy Train

Steve Betz – the holiday mixer.

Rewind Revise – newly married and on her very own joy train.

Lenore Diane — thoughts from the Elf Queen herself.

Shouts from the Abyss – Tom’s on a mission to blighten your holiday season.

Lynn Schneider Books — Lynn, the BlogFestivus newbie.

1 Point Perspective — the Bruce Willis of WordPress.

So I Went Undercover — she’s undercover and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Joe Owen’s Blog — he’s got forty-something eyes. Not Betty Davis eyes.

MC’s Whispers – Maria-Christina works in PR. What kind of “spin” will she put on this writing challenge?

LittleWonder2  – a musical surfing vampire lover. I know.

Blog It or Lose It! – One word. Minecraft.

Voice in Me — Reena’s from India…where reindeer go on vacation.

Apprentice, never master – Gwendolyn, the fearless.

A Year of Daily Posts — Sarah, the paperback writer (three manuscripts but they count.)

Diary of a Sensitive Soul — Immie, blogging from the U.K. (Why am I feeling Bruce Springsteen?)

Dot Knows! — Liz, the life changer.

k8edid — oh, yes. She did.

The Day After — A musing wannabe.

A Spoonful of Suga — Making reality sexy.

Random Says — in the moment. At the moment.


10 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 9, The Finale

  1. “I was like one of us in headlights” – HAHA! Too perfect! And who taught Santa how to play a practical joke? He deserved what he got.
    And it doesn’t matter what you placed, just that you finished the race. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Random. I am days behind on your series. I hope to catch up with everyone’s posts tomorrow. But, I remember your first two or three ended with morals. I assume all of yours did. That said, I thought of you when I wrote my last sentence. It’s not the moral, per se – but it was meant to explain the parent’s role. Sorta. Kinda. In a morbid – killer deer – kind of way.

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