BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 8

BlogFestivus 2012: a seasonal short story writing challenge.

Blogdramedy’s writing challenge ends today. I am now only one day behind! Yay me! I hope to finish this adventure tomorrow, one day late. That’s not so bad, right? As I said earlier, I appreciate your patience. I also appreciate you overlooking any typos, which I am finding and fixing the instant I notice. As always, please access the links to the other writers on board this joyous reindeer train. You’ll find the list of links at the end of this post.


Part 8

“Helloooo! How is everyone this late afternoon?”

“Blitzen, is that you?” Donner asked.

“Hello, Donner.”

“Hello Blitzen. Glad you could make it out of the car and join the rest of us.”

“Vixen, here’s Blitzen.”

“Hello, Blitzen.”

“Hello, Vixen.”

“Where are Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen? Oh wait. I’m Blitzen. Funny.”

“That joke was old 15 years ago, Blitz.” Comet said.

“Crap. Here’s comes Dasher and the rest of the crew. Is the kid in the bedroom?” Donner asked.

“Wait guys,” Blitzen pleads, wanting to finish his grand entrance. “I just got here. I had a whole thing planned.”

“Save your performance, Blitzen.” Vixen said. “We’ve got a bigger show about to begin.”

“WHERE IS HE?” Dasher yelled. “And don’t NOBODY tell me to calm down.”

“He’s been like this the entire ride over here.” Prancer said.

“He wouldn’t even let me sing.” Cupid added.

“Me neither. Can you believe it?” Dancer said. “I started singing “Tiny Dancer”, and he shut me down immediately. What a music hater.”

“You mean KID hater. WHERE IS HE?” Dasher demanded.

“Dasher.” Vixen said sternly. “Do not raise your voice or act all threatening. You don’t scare me. And, you sure as hell aren’t going to lose your shit in my house. You got it? I’m not PMSing right now, but I can act like it if needed. Now, control yourself.”

“The kid tried to set me up, Vix! He tried to set me up for murder.”


All of the Other Reindeer…participants:

Blogdramedy – the Conductor of this Joy Train

Steve Betz – the holiday mixer.

Rewind Revise – newly married and on her very own joy train.

Lenore Diane — thoughts from the Elf Queen herself.

Shouts from the Abyss – Tom’s on a mission to blighten your holiday season.

Lynn Schneider Books — Lynn, the BlogFestivus newbie.

1 Point Perspective — the Bruce Willis of WordPress.

So I Went Undercover — she’s undercover and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Joe Owen’s Blog — he’s got forty-something eyes. Not Betty Davis eyes.

MC’s Whispers – Maria-Christina works in PR. What kind of “spin” will she put on this writing challenge?

LittleWonder2  – a musical surfing vampire lover. I know.

Blog It or Lose It! – One word. Minecraft.

Voice in Me — Reena’s from India…where reindeer go on vacation.

Apprentice, never master – Gwendolyn, the fearless.

A Year of Daily Posts — Sarah, the paperback writer (three manuscripts but they count.)

Diary of a Sensitive Soul — Immie, blogging from the U.K. (Why am I feeling Bruce Springsteen?)

Dot Knows! — Liz, the life changer.

k8edid — oh, yes. She did.

The Day After — A musing wannabe.

A Spoonful of Suga — Making reality sexy.

Random Says — in the moment. At the moment.


14 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 8

  1. Day 2 of 9 got me with the lyrics to Tiny Dancer. I did not see that one coming – it was great. You’ve developed these dear deer into fine, interesting characters. Bring it home, sister!

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