Project 366: Day 342 My Kid Joe, Master Poem Reciter

Last night was Holiday Family Night at Joe’s school. The kids sang two Christmas songs and recited poetry. I am in awe of Joe’s ability to perform in front of a crowd with little to no nervousness. His coloring makes him susceptible to turning 20 shades of red when nervous or embarrassed, like me; but, he barely blushes when he performs. Clearly, he is confident. He gets that from me his Dad.


Project 366 Day 342



17 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 342 My Kid Joe, Master Poem Reciter

  1. Way to go, Joe! He’s a real trooper – I’d be petrified. Thanks for posting this – I really, really miss those Christmas pageants when the kids were little. Although I guess you’d have to say that they sang Winter Holiday songs, not CHRIST-mas, right?

    1. I would be petrified too, Peg. And, my face would be tens of thousands of shades of red. I was super impressed with his performance. And happily … this was a CHRISTmas family night. Crazy, eh? 🙂

  2. Way to go Joe.
    You know how to calm the audience and get their attention.
    Congratulations Joe, you did an outstanding job,

  3. Great job, Joe! When we were about Joe’s age, our grandfather would give us a poem to memorize to “perform” for him at our next visit. Joe did a great job.

      1. I don’t think I enjoyed the reciting part much, but I appreciate now the schoolteacher in him who tried to stretch our horizons.

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