Project 366: Day 323 Looking for Light

Today we wait – we wait for news about Walter, we wait for news about the conflict in the Gaza strip, we wait for resolutions on the economic crisis in the United States, and we wait for countless other things in our life. While I wait, I am thankful for all that is good. When darkness seems to surround us, we need to do our best to look for the light, because where there is breath – there is light.



22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 323 Looking for Light

    1. That makes me giggle a bit, because I remember my Mom reading a book titled, “A Woman of Substance” when I was young. I remember seeing the tattered paper-back book by her chair, on the table, etc. I look forward to your story, Georgette. You are a wonderful storyteller. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful outlook. Fortunately, despite all that life throws at us, we know that God is on our side and in control. May His peace abide in you. Praying for God’s healing touch for Walter.

  2. Beautiful and uplifting on a morning where I’ve had a hard time finding the light. Thanks and prayers for you and yours.

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