Project 366: Day 321 The Morning Fog

This morning was a cold and foggy morning. Just like caffeine slowly clears my mind’s morning fog, the sun was slowly starting to clear the morning fog surrounding the workers.



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 321 The Morning Fog

    1. I had a hard time thinking of words to put with this picture because it was still early in the morning and the caffeine was still working its way through my bloodstream. 🙂

    1. We have been watching these guys for several weeks. While stopped at the red light I realized I was looking at a very cool picture, and I quickly grabbed my camera. I wish I had more time to really work with the picture – but the light turn greened fast. 🙂

  1. Now THIS is a good picture. You take many good pictures. This is one of the “top 10”. (Which is in quotation marks because it is an inside joke. Years ago, two pilots and I were walking all around Waikiki and Kapiolani Park and the conversations always went back to Best Movie Ever – and this one guy had a list of 20 to 35 of his “Top 10” movies. It was funny. It is appropriate here)

  2. Nice shot. I’m not looking forward to foggy mornings and such. Why is it the light cycles are much shorter when trying to snap a decent photo?

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