Project 366: Day 302 80 Years

We did it! We surprised Mum with a belated 80th birthday celebration. She was thrilled, touched, and happy to see so many wonderful friends. Here’s a shot of Mum with her kids and her kids’ kids, minus our oldest niece and her Dad (brother-in-law). Please note my Mum’s foot attire.



25 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 302 80 Years

    1. We took the idea off of one of your blog posts and party ideas. (smile) My Mom is almost always 15 minutes late for every she attends. We figured we’d celebrate her party 15 weeks late. (Or something like that.)

    1. I agree, Linda. I looked at the smiles again, after reading your comment. I appreciate you pointing it out. It is nice to see how other see us, if that makes any sense. It gives me a greater appreciation.

  1. This is a better picture than the one I saw of yours on Shutter Fly, Lenore. Even though Joe’s face is half cut off ~ can we photo-shop Shannon in? Thanks for mentioning her and her dad. Great photo – looks like we are all having fun! Oh yeah, we did!!

    1. Photo-shopping Shannon in it is possible, but it is complicated. First, I don’t know how to do it. Second, I’d hate to bother the one and only person I know that could do it. But hey – it was a good idea. 🙂

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