Project 366: Day 289 The Report

The kids do not have school today. This morning Joe is finishing his report about the sun. The report is due tomorrow. He pulled facts from books, and I helped him re-write the words for the actual report.

While typing up his report he says, “Mommy. You can’t go into the sun. You wrote ‘will find’ and it should be ‘would find’.” He went on to correct my spelling, “Mommy, the inside of the sun has the ‘convective zone’, you wrote ‘connective’.” The boy is in 2nd grade.



23 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 289 The Report

  1. Small consolation, but at least you can find comfort in the fact that you’re smarter than I am. My eye went straight to this sentence and I imagined a cup of coffee writing a school report: This morning Joe is finishing his report about the sun.

    1. You are quick, Hipster. Quick and funny. I opened up the post to see if I could better understand your comment. Thankfully, because I am slow, I noticed the very first word of the post was wrong. Apparently I needed a morning Joe to catch the goof.

  2. This young genius is only in the second grade?? Omg Lenore, you may have a hard time keepin’ up. What a remarkable boy!
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    1. “Spare me”. Ha. I don’t hear that very often from others, but my family says it all the time. Love it.
      And yes – a 2nd grader. The kid is smarter than I am. True.

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