Project 366: Day 288 Spooktacular Saturday

I wait for it all year, the uprising of marketing’s favorite word for Halloween advertisements. The word is “spooktacular”.

During our walk last weekend, my friends and I came to an area covered with the creepiest kind of vine we’ve ever seen. My friend made the comment that it resembled a web. Her comment freaked me out, as I envisioned a big, furry, black spider coming out of the vines. *Shudder* Suffice it to say, this vine is spooktacular.


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13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 288 Spooktacular Saturday

    1. No, we’ve never taken the boys to a corn maze, but as my Mom mentioned below-she and my oldest sister did take them to a corn maze.
      The picture doesn’t do the spook-factor justice. I suppose that’s a good thing. I’d hate to be the causer of nightmares.

  1. Great! My (and my mom’s) favorite holiday has always been Halloween. I’m dismayed by two recent turns, though. First: the “safety” issue. I know if I were a parent, I’d be just as concerned about this as current parents are, but I miss the days when hoards of kids would canvass the neighborhood, seeking the spookiest houses. Second: the commercialization of the holiday. It used to be that hand made costumes were the norm. Maybe a store bought mask…but all else hand crafted. The addition of fancy lighted and electronically blown up objects for decorations just means more marketing, more spending, more planned obsolescence.

    Whaaa. It doesn’t often happen, but for this holiday, I long for the 50’s and 60’s.

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