Project 366: Day 280 The Face in the Pod

Friends came over this morning, and we went exploring through the ‘nature preserve’ across the street from our house. My friends and I explored the area together last spring. This time, the landscape was showing early signs of fall.

We came across several magnolia trees filled with pods, small reminders of the flowers that bloomed during the warmer months. The bright red seeds of the magnolia trees were beginning to escape the flower pods, looking to get planted before the winter.

Do you see the face? The pod is sticking its tongue out. I guess it doesn’t like being watched while ‘popping’.



8 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 280 The Face in the Pod

  1. We have magnolia trees around us, too… but… I’ve never noticed anything like that before, Ms. D! Fascinating! And nicely shot, too! I really like how you’ve pulled it center… you’ve created such nice balance in the frame!

    1. Thank you! I liked this shot very much, Robert. My friends had not see the red seeds popping out prior to Saturday, either. Glad I could share the coolness with many.

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