Project 366: Day 278 Wonderful Wilbur

I took this picture when we were camping, and I’m certain Wilbur and Cherokee were glad they came with us.

Monday night, Wilbur had a seizure. It was not his first, nor will it be his last. I think the many white hairs on Wilbur are due, in part, to the seizures he has from time to time. Watching him seize is heartbreaking, as is watching him when he clumsily stands and wobbles around trying regain control sooner than his body will allow.

Wilbur is a kind, old soul, and I love him very much.



20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 278 Wonderful Wilbur

  1. That smile says, “Camping? Did you say Camping? Yes please!”

    So sorry to hear about Wilbur’s struggles. His wise old face and kind eyes remind me of our Frankie, who struggles getting up steps and out of his bed. Please give Wil an extra treat and a smooch from Auntie MJ, thank you.


    1. Wilbur thanks yous for his treats and smooches, MJ. 🙂 And yes, I think that is what Wilbur was saying in the photo. Either that or “Hot dog? Did someone say hot dog?”

  2. How sad about Wilbur. Is there medication for him? I suffer from focal (partial) seizures myself, it’s very scary.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    1. Oh wow, Maxi. I’m sorry you can relate to the seizures.
      Thankfully, Wilbur’s seizures are infrequent enough that he does not require medication. Growing up, I had a German Shepherd with epilepsy. He was on meds, and the meds take a toll on the body. I’m glad Wilbur is med free.
      Blessings to you – Lenore

  3. I love Wilbur!!! What a sweet face!!! I am sure it is really difficult to watch him when he has a seizure but you know what—our pets are so important to us and we will do what we can to make sure that they are okay. Great picture today!!! Just want to give him a head rub!

    1. He graciously accepts the head rub, Beth Ann. He’s waiting patiently for the next one, too.
      Seeing the seizures still frighten me. Once I knew he was going to be OK, I had to walk away. It’s just so sad.

  4. Oh dear, this brings to mind the very senior cat that came into my life. She developed a thyroid problem which lead to near starvation and severe seizures. It was heartbreaking to watch. She’d come out of these seizures so drained and frightened. In her youth she was a very shy, independent cat. But at this time, after a seizure, she would curl herself into my arms and purr from the depths of her soul. Makes me tear up just remember her.

    1. While it is always nice to remember a beloved pet, Linda, I am sorry I brought tears to your eyes. I am glad you were able to comfort your kitty, after her seizures. It is fascinating to watch Cherokee react to Wilbur. She becomes very protective, and she tries to keep him still as long as possible.

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