Project 366: Day 277 A Horse is a Horse, That Much I Know

“Mommy!” Joe yells over and over again, as he runs to the house. I hear the storm door open and close.

“Mommy! The donkey and mule are out!” He shouts, as he runs to find me inside the house. When he sees me, he smiles. “The donkey – or the mule – whatever it is – it’s out. Come outside, Mommy!”

The boys know I love horses, donkeys, and mules. I’ve been a horse lover since I was young. The folks living behind our next door neighbor’s house have two horses and a donkey, or a mule. Like the best politician, I flip flop on what to call the poor guy. What say you? Is this guy a donkey or a mule? Today I’m waving the “It’s a mule” flag, but I reserve the right to switch flags at any time.


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31 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 277 A Horse is a Horse, That Much I Know

    1. See, Chris? It’s tough, because I initially thought donkey, too. But the ears are huge – and it is nearly as tall as the horses. Plus, there is a donkey in a sheep pasture close to our house. From the road, the donkey with the sheep looks smaller than this guy. Oh, I don’t know. I just don’t know. Suffice it to say, I’m still swinging the donkey flag. Or… was I swinging the mule flag? 🙂

  1. Donkey all the way. 🙂 (I rode a mule into the Grand Canyon and this one doesn’t look like the mule I rode.)
    I have a special place in my heart for the equine. Love love love.
    How special that you get to see them right in your backyard.

  2. Good question! Every time you describe something about the area where you live, I want a bigger backyard! lol

  3. Neither! It’s a burro! Well, at least that’s what I always think of them as. My first encounter with one was when I was 9 years old and visiting Portugal for the first time. At my uncle’s house, my cousins and I rode the burro from his farm out into the country for a picnic. That was the day I climbed a fig tree and discovered the joy of freshly-picked fruit. (That was also the day I discovered the evil of…ahem… too much freshly-picked fruit! )

    I will forever associate that animal with that memory, and that is why I always think of the Portuguese word first. 🙂

  4. I’d go with donkey today, and tomorrow, too. Ooh the eyes, Lenore. I simply adore the eyes. They look kohl-lined and tear-full, all at once.

  5. Donkey, definitely. Mules are always 1/2 horse and about as large as most horses. They look very horse-like in proportions and coat. What looks different about them is a slightly larger head and very much larger ears. Mules are known for their sure-footedness and good sense. They often have more sense than their people, which leads to conflict and the old adage, stubborn as a mule.

    Your neighbor horses are beautiful.

    1. Do you see the ears on this guy, though? The head shot was taken specifically for the ears. Every time I see him I think… donkey, but then the ears and his height compared to the other horses, and well – I start second guessing myself. No more, though. You’ve convinced me this is a donkey. No more flip flopping for me, Linda. Thank you.

        1. I forgot you had a collection of animals growing up, right Linda? You are the go-to gal! I recently learned – and I may be repeating myself – donkeys are great for protecting sheep from coyotes. We have packs of coyotes in our area, and we have a few herds of sheep in the area. Those with sheep have donkeys to protect the sheep. I find that interesting.

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