Project 366: Day 232 Wet dog

Yesterday, my boss and her family went out of town for the night. She asked me to watch Lily for the night, and she invited the boys to swim in their pool. The boys had a fantastic day swimming, and Lily had a lovely day lounging.

I did not take my camera with me, but I did have my non-smart phone. Using my phone, I snapped today’s picture: Ms. Lily floating in the water.



20 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 232 Wet dog

    1. The pool was awesome, Jackie. I love it when we get to visit and play with Lily in her pool. 🙂 And yes, her floatie is excellent. She really does use it. So funny to see.

  1. Please indulge me in an inside “thing” I have with my kids, a Pavlovian response we have when we see a Westie/Wheatland/Cairn that looks like that, because I have to get it out or it’ll bug me all day: “Elvis!!!!”

    It’s a long story.

    Thank you.

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