Project 366: Day 174

Yesterday, we celebrated Charlie’s birthday. Today, we remain in the afterglow of the candles. May your own afterglow take you into the weekend.

Happy Friday!



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 174

    1. Thanks, Patti. I started the photo album, and I am realizing it will be a huge feat to complete. I will more than likely break it into Quarters. Shutterfly doesn’t make it as easy as I’d like. I’m not worried about captions – I just want pictures. I like the collection, though.

    1. Better to have an afterglow than not, wouldn’t you say, Judith? Thank you for the birthday wishes. I don’t know why, but your comment was marked spam.

    1. Thank you, Hippie. I think he was too mesmerized by the candle to be thinking much of anything. Then again, one never knows what goes on in the mind of little boys. 🙂

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