Project 366: Day 156

You guys know Lily, right? Lily is my boss’ dog (a Westie), and Lily stays with us when my boss is out of town. Saturday, my boss and her family were out of town for the day, which meant Lily was home alone.

Neither my boss nor I wanted Lily to be lonely, so Rob, the boys and I drove up to Lily’s house and spent the afternoon with her. Oh, did I mention? Lily’s family has a pool.



17 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 156

  1. In an hour or so I’ll be taking a picture similar to that in my backyard! My granddaughters and great-grandbabies (2 boys/2 girls) will be coming to enjoy our beautiful pool on this hot afternoon (90 degrees) here in Nebraska! Made cookies and salads to go with the burgers and “dogs”. Can’t wait to see them. Hey, I bet Lily enjoyed your company as well! Do you consider that one of your “perks” at your job? (ha,ha)

    1. I DO consider it a perk of my job – FOR CERTAIN!! Lily did enjoy our visit. She sat with me. I was still feeling bad, so I stayed on dry land. (smile)
      Have a wonderful day, Donna. It sounds as though things are set up nicely. Enjoy!

    1. Have any pets, Peg? We’ll come stay at your house while you go out of town.
      Prior to kids, I was a non-professional professional pet/house-sitter. We’ve had up to 8 dogs stay with us at one time – here at what I called Lina’s Lounge. I named the place after my best pooch, Lina. We had Greyhounds, St. Bernards, Labs, Shelties, Toto-type dog (what’s it called?), mutts. It was crazy fun. Whenever we have a new person come to the house that likes dogs, I bombard them with my photo album from Lina’s Lounge.
      In high school and college, I lived in people’s houses while they went out of town. It’s in my blood. I loved it. Love, love, loved it.
      Sorry. Got a little carried away.

    2. True story: I flew to San Francisco to house/dog sit for a former boss. She worked with me at CDC, moved West and got married. They went out of town for their honeymoon, and she asked me if I would watch her pooch Finney, as well as her new husband’s dog. The husband’s dog needed insulin shots twice a day. Bless her heart, she was on death’s door. Finney on the other hand – he was awesome. I took him to Muir Woods, the beach, etc. We had a blast. So yeah – I’ll travel to the place for a gig.
      Oops. Got carried away again. Sorry!

      1. If you ONLY knew how badly I need someone with your caring and compassion for pups! I have two little ones (one old (14) and one young (2) both with medical problems, but mostly separation anxiety to be honest! They kinda just let us live here as long as we play by their rules! You know … like “Dogs Rule” kinda thing. We are basically “stuck” here in our city cuz’ the “girls with fur” require so much attention, meds, potty trips that one has to be carried down the steps, etc. and it is kinda scary to have a stranger come in to your home anymore. So, if you are hankerin” to come to the midwest and share some love with two wonderful little creatures, just let me know! 🙂 Keep in mind I have a huge in-ground pool in the backyard as well … just sayin! Oops … now I got carried away!

        1. Donna, I will certainly let you know if we plan on heading to the midwest. I would love the opportunity! Be careful, you may get an email from me soon! (smile)

  2. One of my cousins used to house sit–for horses. Sometimes for months on end. What a life. 🙂 I need a gig like that.

    1. Oh Patti, that is a dream job to me. I know nothing about horses, but I have loved them since I was a child. Typical child, I suppose. I’ve always wanted one, and I have yet to give up hope that I will have one. Maybe I should get a job caring for one first. 🙂

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