Project 366: Day 117

Some nights,  I dread prepping the picture post for the next day. Last night, was one of those nights. I was tired, and I did not have any pictures I felt were good enough to share. Then, I brought the dogs in for the night.

When I closed the patio door, I noticed a beautiful moth on the screen. “Perfect!” I thought.



15 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 117

  1. I have that feeling a LOT.
    A shot like this would sure help that, though!
    Awesome detail and lighting… love the long, dramatic shadows, too!
    This makes me want to visit the Butterfly House again! A.S.A.P.!

      1. Yes, SIG. The on-camera flash was used, as well as a flood light. I was very pleased with this picture. I didn’t have to modify it at all – with the exception of the black border, which I always add.

    1. I know! Without the light, the moth looked ordinary, with the exception of its size. This particular moth is quite large. When I put a light on it – I realize the beauty of the wings and snapped… I snapped the picture, not the wings.

  2. Love the special effect!
    (I’m back from vacation and getting caught up on reading posts. 🙂 )

  3. We had one of these at my front door the other day. She stayed for a night and a day and then disappeared. My friends and I named her Lunesta. Her wings were so pretty, I want a comforter that looks just like them.
    Good shot Lenore!

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