Project 366: Day 111

May the light of the sun spill into the start of your weekend. Happy Friday!



12 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 111

  1. Great shot, Lenore. That would be perfect for this week’s WP photo challenge. Our weekend is starting off with sun, but a nor’easter is in the forecast for the second half–will have to batten down the hatches!

    1. Temps are expected to drop down to the mid 30s early next week, Patti. I must admit, I like the roller-coaster weather. I’m not ready for the heat and humidity that makes up GA summers. I hope you have a great weekend, Patti.

    1. Rain in the forecast here, but the rainy day forecasts have stayed pretty dry lately. We’ll see if we get rain today. I’ll be mowing the weeds on Monday night. Happy weekend!

  2. It’s funny how sometimes lens flare can be so frustraiting and other times so… perfect (and sometimes frustraitng to try make look this perfect, too)! Beautiful shot, Ms. D!

    1. There is a fine line between a good shot of glare and a bad shot of glare. I wasn’t sure which I captured, I simply decided to share it regardless. Glad you liked it, SIG.

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