Project 366: Day 108

Another day and another cute shot of one of my boys. You’re welcome.



13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 108

  1. That is SUPER cute! Just wait. You’ll be clickety-clacking away and they’ll be cute as can be, and one day it will be “Mom! I don’t WANT to have my picture taken” with a big scowl.

    1. Oh Peg, the oldest is already annoyed with the picture taking. The one of him earlier this week caught him off guard. I didn’t ask for a pose, I just turned around and clicked, while we were at a stoplight. “HA! Got him!” I said to myself. (smile)

    1. Well, this shot is not through a mirror – but I love the fact that folks think it is a mirror image. The head rest in our car is like a doughnut. Perfect for taking pictures and making it appear like a mirror image. (smile)

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