The Tale of the Family Photo

What follows is a true story that is retold year after year whenever we come across the photo.

In the mid-70s, we moved to Atlanta and befriended our next door neighbors. Thankfully, we moved in and met our neighbors prior to Christmas holiday season.

When it came time to gather for the annual Christmas card photo, we enlisted our next door neighbor to take the picture. Before our neighbor came to our house, we put our dog downstairs in the ‘rec’ room and closed the door.

The photo was taken by a fireplace, located next to the door that led downstairs.

Mr. Cox, our neighborhood photographer, said he was going to count to 3 and then click the picture.

“One.” Our dog barked once. We laughed.
“Two.” Our dog barked twice. We laughed harder.
“Three.” Our dog barked – yep, you guessed it – three times.

True to his word, Mr. Cox clicked the camera, and he captured a moment when everyone in the family was either smiling or laughing.

You may notice my brother is grabbing is pants, in an effort to maintain some sort of composure. You may notice my sister – the one in the middle and wearing a maroon dress – her shoulders are ‘up’ as she was literally in the midst of laughter. And finally, you may notice me, the one in the pink striped pant suit; I was hoping I would not laugh so hard that I had an accident.

A great family photo with a great story to match. (I’ll leave it to you to speak to the clothing. Take your time and really inspect the photo, as there is much to see.)


40 thoughts on “The Tale of the Family Photo

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Ellen. The horns held gun powder, and I have those horns stored in a closet. I kid with my husband that I may take them to an Antiques Roadshow audition. And the shoes… yes, my sister’s shoes, which I think resemble clown shoes.

  1. Hi,
    It is always great looking back at old photos, so many memories attached to them, and of course looking back at what we used to wear, now that always brings on a smile. 😀

    1. You inspire me to write down good family stories, Georgette. I am glad I have this story documented. I think the boys will find it amusing when they get older.

    1. Thank you, MJ. The smile may be a giveaway, as is the fact that my eyes close when I smile. I see the same thing happens to some of my sisters, too. Glad you liked it.

    1. Funny, I hadn’t noticed. That’s my Dad, and he’s not holding anything. It is the decorative hinge on the cabinet door, but it looks like he is holding a dagger.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Erica. My Mom probably thought corralling the kids and husband was a big enough challenge. Plus, the smiles may not have been as big.

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