Andy Armadillo :: A Texan Tale

When we last talked about Andy, he traveled to Florida to spend time with his Aunt K8. Now, we are turning our attention to the Lone Star State and Ms. Georgette Sullins, hostess extraordinaire.

From a chair that swivels and rocks, Georgette shares wonderful stories of her family, past and present. The adventures her grandparents, cousins, parents, etc. experienced are beautifully told by Georgette. I am amazed at the history of her family, and I am certain she’ll share her rich family history with Andy. Something tells me, she’ll enlighten Andy to his own history, too.

Andy’s time in Texas will be told throughout the month. Once he departs Texas, he is heading overseas to New Zealand. Let me know if you are interested in showing Andy around your area of town. In the meantime, please enjoy the tale this week.

Texan Tales Take #1

When Lenore first received Andy, there was some discussion about whether he was an aardvark or armadillo. I knew the minute I saw him he was all armadillo, and I immediately invited Andy to TX, where armadillos are a’plenty and where he could meet up with his brothers, sisters and cousins. We Texans know who we are, where we come from. Remember the Alamo!? To be sure about this, Andy now has a Texas passport that will record all the places he visits. This child of LD will have no identity issues…he is definitely an armadillo…a smiling, happy one at that.

Official Texan
Official Texan

First stop – Houston:

Andy ARRIVED to TX on Monday, March 5, in a bed of bubble wrap. How very thoughtful of his last hostess, Kate. What kid wouldn’t like a bed made of bubble wrap?

Our grandson with bubble wrap

I was surprised how heavy he is. He’ll be dieting with us.

Living in Texas, I’m well aware of the Texas Armadillo lifestyle. I’m not sure I’d let a Texas Armadillo stay in our guestroom, but Andy is welcome here.

OK, Andy, is it going to be blue or…?

Hmm… Seems he preferred the green room with the bigger bed.

Don’t want any squabbles between T-Bob and Andy regarding snoozing quarters. Rest assured, Andy has his own special place too.

I’ll be talking to T-Bob about making visitors feel welcome.

That’s all for now. Andy and I will be back next week, as Andy’s Texas Tales continues.


Thank you, Georgette!! Andy seems to have settled in nicely. And T-Bob… T-Bob doesn’t seem fazed at all. I look forward to the week ahead.

Please send me an email or leave a comment, if you are interested in having Andy pay you a visit.

25 thoughts on “Andy Armadillo :: A Texan Tale

  1. What a fun project! Reminds me of ‘Flat Stanley,’ a character from a children’s book who also travels the world via elementary school students. My youngest sent Flat Stanley to relatives in other states many years ago and then several years later, Flat Stanley visited us when our great niece sent him to us. Sounds like Andy Armadillo gets around just like Flat Stanley! 😉

    1. Exactly, Mama – it is very much like Flat Stanley. Though Andy is a little more complicated to send traveling. Andy doesn’t fit in an envelope as easily as Stanley. (smile) Thank you for visiting. I am glad you liked this mention of the adventure.

  2. I’m with Georgette – definitely an armadillo. (Although neither “A” animal is very thick on the ground here in Illinois.) T-Bob looks pretty laid back about the whole affair.

  3. Lotte and I are really looking forward to Andy’s visit here. Glad that he now has a passport otherwise I would have had to acquire one for him here; so all I need now is a visitor’s permit.;)

  4. What a great idea and a good traveler. I was even more shocked to see Jerry Jeff. I hadn’t heard anything about him since I moved away from the center of the U.S. Glad to see Texas is still on an even keel.

    1. Welcome to my neighborhood, Barb. Thank you for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed Andy’s recent adventure. Nice, too, that Georgette was able to pleasantly surprise you with Jerry Jeff.

      1. Ooops. I got a bit confused about what was reposted where, but I still think it’s a wonderfully creative journey for Andy A.

  5. How sweet that Andy has his own chair next to T-Bob. He’s going to be so spoiled by the time he gets to VB!

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