Andy Armadillo :: A Texan Tale

When we last talked about Andy, he traveled to Florida to spend time with his Aunt K8. Now, we are turning our attention to the Lone Star State and Ms. Georgette Sullins, hostess extraordinaire.

From a chair that swivels and rocks, Georgette shares wonderful stories of her family, past and present. The adventures her grandparents, cousins, parents, etc. experienced are beautifully told by Georgette. I am amazed at the history of her family, and I am certain she’ll share her rich family history with Andy. Something tells me, she’ll enlighten Andy to his own history, too.

Andy’s time in Texas will be told throughout the month. Once he departs Texas, he is heading overseas to New Zealand. Let me know if you are interested in showing Andy around your area of town. In the meantime, please enjoy the tale this week. Continue reading “Andy Armadillo :: A Texan Tale”

Creative Story Telling. Honest.

Question: Are exaggerations a form of creativity, or are exaggerations simply lies told with excitement?


“Someone pushed Joe down today.” Joe’s teacher told me. “I think it knocked the wind out of him a little. He was fine, though.” She continued, “I heard Joe talk about it on the playground. He’s gone from telling the other kids he was knocked out for a second to 15 minutes. The time keeps increasing.”

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