Project 366: Day 53

Today is the start of the Lenten season. For some, Lent is a time to commit to fast or give up something for the 4o days between Ash Wednesday (today) and Easter (Sunday April 8th).

I did not grow up with the tradition of fasting or giving something up for Lent, but I have observed the tradition of abstinence for the past couple of years, and I will observe the tradition again this year. Let the journey begin.



26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 53

    1. I live under the bridge. I’m a troll. Billy goats try to walk across all the time! (Ha! I crack myself up.)
      Glad you like the scenery, Kim. It’s nice to have beauty so close to home.

  1. I always like events that create an opportunity for reflection, or an address of my own way of doing things. It may not be theologically motivated, but anything that causes me to live deliberately for a while is a good thing.

    1. Living deliberately. My husband and I use that term. I don’t make new year resolutions, because I don’t buy into the hype of starting fresh for the new year. One can start fresh with every new sunrise. Living deliberately – however motivated – is a good thing, I agree.

        1. *sigh* You had to ask, eh? After all, addictions are often replaced with a different addiction. (Sad truth) While missing Ben & Jerry, I will look to Paul Newman and his Newman’s own Ginger Creme cookies. Mmm, mmm, good!

  2. Do the wooden boards not weather? It is so beautiful in its simplicity and the hard work that must’ve gone into making it.

    Well, now that I’ve spewed the first thing that came to my mind, let me stop and wonder whether it really is wood.

    Lovely picture. Do abstain. But only because I am, too. And it gives me tremendous happiness to know I am not the only one.

    1. From what are you abstaining, Priya? I like the idea of having a partner over seas on a similar journey.
      The boards are wood, I assure you. I’m not sure how well the boards will weather, but the owner of the property does a great job in maintaining everything he builds, etc. Thank you for visiting. I’m behind in reading … but I hope to visit with you today.

  3. Isn’t that the way it is? When you give up something, it has a way of coming around and tempting? All the more reason to lean on the One Who is strong. That’s what it is all about, right?

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