Project 366: Day 52

Today I’m giving you my own version of a lion sitting down with a lamb, though there is neither a lion nor a lamb pictured.

Still, here is proof the large can sit in peace with the small, provide the small keeps its paws off the bone.

Happy Tuesday! Play nice.



16 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 52

    1. It’s funny, Kim… Steve is sharing pictures of his dog, Penny. He made the comment that he was wondering if he was focusing too much on Penny. It is true – I could snap shots of the puppies all day. The dog haters of the world are being driven crazy!!

  1. Lenore I really love seeing Cherokee. A real cute one. I have cats in my home, so I know, how these innocent souls with animal skins make our lives beautiful & worth living. It really made me smile seeing how Cherokee is protecting his food. 🙂

  2. Too cute, Ms. D…
    and impressive (I have a difficult time convincing one animal to sit still / look in the general direction of a camera… you’ve managed to do that in duplicate)!

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