Project 366: Day 32

Going through the pictures Joe took last week was entertaining. The kid took over 300 pictures in two days. Did I already mention that fact? After 10 or so shots, I lost count of all the pictures he took of his shoes.

Because he is shooting from his booster seat, I realize his view is limited. Nonetheless, this week, I encouraged him to really look at the shot before shooting it.

Again I say, going through the pictures Joe takes is entertaining. Consider this shot special for Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday. Caution: You may get wet.



13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 32

  1. Awesome Pic Joe. 🙂
    300 pictures in two days; sounding great. Lenore now I am hoping with Joe is there to help you; your Project 366 will be complete with in 3days. 🙂
    Keep up the great work Joe. So that, after few years when you will be famous, we can proudly say, “We know this boy, since he took his first photograph”.

    1. Ha. Yeah, I won’t be posting many of those shots he took. Thank goodness for digital cameras and the power of deleting. Though you are correct – had I used just one day when Joe had the camera, the project would be nearly complete. 🙂

      1. Lenore I think it will be great, if you will create a post in your blog with collection of some of Joe’s photographs. It will be really wonderful for all of us, to see some of those shots Joe took, in one post.

        1. I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement, Arindam. Maybe I’ll include a few in random posts, but I’ll spare the folks from a deluge of blurry pictures and pictures of shoes. Trust me on this. 🙂

    1. Your comments mean so much to me, Stasha. Thank you. I’ll pass along your words to Joe. I enjoy seeing his reaction, as I pass along the compliments. He’s a sweetie.

  2. Yikes! He’s getting lots of experience with the camera, isn’t he? Digital is such a blessing, being able to see what you took immediately. I remember having to wait a week for development when I got my first camera.

    1. Digital… blessing or curse? I take tons, and typically – the first one I take is the keeper and the others are deleted. I am finding the same holds true with Joe – he more he clicks, the less he captures. We are both learning. Like you, I remember waiting for the developer, too. I remember buying the 110 size film cartridge. I was so excited when I was able to move up to 35mm film. Good times.

      1. So – I thought you wrote your comment under the Cherokee shot … then, when I showed Joe the picture I posted of him, I saw I was mistaken with your comment. I’m smart like that. Yeah – Joe has great perspective, but Cherokee is still fickle.

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