Project 366: Day 18

Today is my neighbor’s birthday. She has three kids – a boy and two girls. Our kids play together just about every day. Having kids next door is a fantastic thing. But honestly, having a neighbor like my neighbor is priceless. She is a wonderful friend.

This past weekend, while her son was playing with my boys, I looked outside the door and saw his shoes. The way he left his shoes made it look like a ghost was just outside our door.

Nah, that’s not a ghost. That’s an open door policy between friends and neighbors. Thanks for being a great friend and neighbor, Noreen. Happy birthday!



26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 18

  1. Thanks Lenore! Love that picture- looks like he was in a great hurry to play! Love you too neighbor- mean it! (sorry Andrea had to do it!)

  2. Happy Birthday to Noreen! That reminds me of my daughter’s porch, friends always coming and going. It’s great to see there are still neighborhoods like that.

  3. Wow! Talk about a lot of closely bunched b-days!
    Awesome photo, too, Ms. D… it really does look like those shoes are ready to start walking on their own at any moment, doesn’t it?! Might be time to call in TAPS!

    1. I know! What on earth was happening 9-months prior to January? Seems folks were busy, busy!
      Glad you like the shot, SIG. “Awesome” coming from you is pretty cool. 🙂
      (TAPS. Good call!)

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