Today I took part in a writing challenge.

The challenge: Write a story using no more than 100 words, and include the following words: boots, cracks, cordial, conservative, and unremarkable.

Tracey, the creator of this challenge, asks that the entries be left in the comments section of her blog. After leaving my entry in the comments, I decided I would go ahead post it here. You’re welcome.

.: Campaigning :.

She woke with a pounding head, in a room she did not recognize. Apparently, the cherry cordial was enjoyed excessively, causing her judgment to slip through the cracks.

Quietly, she got out of the bed, gathered her things and stepped into the bathroom. When she came out, she found her unremarkable friend smiling like the Cheshire cat.

“What a night.” He said smugly. “So, I can put you down as voting for Obama, right?”

Flashing her winning smile and reaching for the door, she said, “Don’t let these boots fool you. I’m a conservative, and I’m not voting for Obama.”


Image source: theiowarepublican[dot]com

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