December 23rd – Performance No. 23

In case you are new here, I am on day 23 of 25 days and 25 different performances of the Christmas song, “O Holy Night”. For those of you who are not new, please pardon my repetitive opening throughout the course of these 25 days.

Two of my sisters and I love the song “O Holy Night”. After a series of emails with one of my sisters, I came up with the idea of sharing different versions/performances of the song “O Holy Night”.

We are getting closer, folks! Today, I welcome you to version number 23.

The guy I am sharing with you today is incredible. Popular in the 70s and 80s, he sang and played his way to the top-10 countless times. Like Nat “King” Cole, this guy is a piano player. Unlike Nat “King” Cole, this guy cannot see the piano keys. No, his name is not Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.

He was born in North Carolina, and he was raised by his Dad and grandparents. He attended a school for the blind in Raleigh, NC. Based on his website, he endured abuse by some of the school staff. Still, he emerged with an abundance of knowledge and appreciation for various types of music.

I hope you enjoy today’s version of “O Holy Night”, which is sung by Ronnie Milsap.

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