What I would say to James Lipton

Today, I am participating in Monday Listicles, a weekly creation started by Stasha at The Good Life.

On Mondays, Stasha thinks of an idea for a list, or she enlists the help of her fellow bloggers to think of an idea for a list. For instance, the idea for today’s list comes from Bridget at Twinisms: Answer the 10 questions James Lipton asks of his guests during the show “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. Because I have a habit of talking to myself, an interview-related list seemed right up my crazy alley.


“What would you do with out me?”

“Seriously. When I read the list for today, I was so excited. I knew this would be a cake walk for me, thanks to you. I just hope the others remain quiet.”

“Nah. No worries there. I gave them a few math sheets to complete.”

“Dang! You are harsh!”

“Yep. You are. Ready for the first question?”

“Yes I am! Woo hoo!”

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Easy, Cheetah. What is your favorite word?
“Plethora. I especially like it when the word ‘veritable’ accompanies it.”

“What is your least favorite word?
This is tough for me, because I have several words I do not like. I’ll go with the word ‘hate‘.

“What turns you on?”
“Right now, it’s Stark from the SciFi TV show Eureka. Oh, and when Rob wears jeans. The man freakin’ lives in khakis – much like I live in turtlenecks. When I see him don a pair of jeans, I swoon.”

“What turns you off?”

“What sound do you love?”
“Laughing babies, toddlers and little kids. That sound is innocent and pure.”

“What sound do you hate?”
“Babies, toddlers and children crying in pain and/or sadness. Cuts me to my core and breaks my heart.”

“What is your favorite curse word?”

“Excuse me? ‘Bleep’ is your favorite curse word?”

“Of course not. But, the word would get bleeped during Inside the Actor’s Studio, so I figured I’d stay in character.”

“Stay in character? Good gravy, Lenore. You have issues.”

“Yes, fine. Now please continue with the questions.”

“What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?”
“Well first, being that I have a profession means I would no longer need to attempt the said profession. So, ‘other than yours’ need not be included in the sentence.”

“You’d say that to Mr. Lipton, too, wouldn’t you?”

“You betchum, Red Rider!”

*sigh* “What profession do you want to attempt?”
“Radio Talk-show host.”

“What profession would you not like to do?”
“I do not want to be a high rise window washer. I do not want any profession where extreme heights are the norm.”

“If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?”
“We have ice cream.”

“Stop it! Seriously?!”

“You bet! I’ll be a nervous wreck and totally blushing. So, I hope God smiles, and tries to put me at ease by mentioning ice cream. Look, the Man knows me.”


As I mentioned earlier, I have a habit of talking to myself. Back in June 2010, I interviewed myself for my 100th post. Yeah, I’m weird. I think the above post goes well with my post back in June 2010, which was read by a total of 5 people. Fine, three people – the other two hits were from me. If you’re curious, here is the link: My 100th Post – The Interview

39 thoughts on “What I would say to James Lipton

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jackie. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. I am glad you enjoyed it. Here’s to our future careers as radio talk show hosts, Jackie! (smile) Thanks again for visiting.

  1. Lenore this one is really funny and a really unique one. And i also can tolerate disrespect ( and lie ). now i am going to read your 100th post – the interview. Let me check if you are talking very less by then also, or it’s new . (Smile)

    1. I was about to say, “Can’t wait!” but – well, I can wait. No hurry. I’ll take the grocery store ice cream for now, and I’m sure your cool with the boxed wine, right? (smile) Thanks for stopping by, Bridget!

    1. I’m a natural, eh? Callers would want to interrupt my voices, though. It could get ugly. (smile)
      Welcome to the neighborhood, Jacqui. I appreciate you stopping by here.

    1. Mmmmm…. hot fudge sundaes. It’s been way too long since I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of a hot fudge sundae. I think I’ve just put something on a list of things to do. (smile) Thanks for visiting, Maxi. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. I love Eureka too, but Stark does nothing for me…Carter all the way…

    Ditto on the crying…even worse when men cry…I cry too!

    Totally agree on the ice cream (I hope they have peanuts to put on top!)…

    Fun post, Lenore!


    1. Stark grew on me, Wendy. At first, his nose was a huge distraction. Not ugly – just literally huge. He got me with his smile. He has a lovely smile. I’m watching Season 3, I think. I’m not sure he is still in the series, and I don’t want to give off any spoilers. Oh, Carter is nice, too. He’s growing on me. His humor (thanks to the writers) is fantastic! I love Fargo, too. Great, great, great show!

      Here’s to peanuts and ice cream, Wendy! Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the post.

    1. Welcome, Audrey! Thank you for stopping by the ‘hood. I am glad you liked the list. Maybe this post will be the ticket to Radio Talk-Show hosting fame! Or not. (smile)

  3. I think I’m beginning to see why you use both names, Lenore and Diane. Thanks for including us in your conversations with yourself. 🙂 I’m beginning to feel a tad more normal.

    1. Just like I watch the show “Cops” to feel a little more normal, I share my crazy with others so they feel more normal. I am glad you appreciate my transparency, Patti. You’re welcome. (giggle, giggle)

  4. Lenore Diane, you are a stitch! I’m so glad I seem to have more time now to read your posts. Though, I have been getting into work later. Have you seen Will Farrell do Lipton on SNL?

    1. Others suggested I watch the Will Farrell SNL skit, which I did. Very funny.
      Thanks for spending time with my posts, AA. I appreciate you putting me before your paid gig. (smile)

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