Dabbling in a Drabble

A blogger I follow (in the blogosphere sense, not the literal – waiting on his doorstep – sense), writes a drabble on Fridays. What is a Drabble? Well, quoting Stevil, “a drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words.” And, with every drabble Steve posts, he invites others to join in and write his/her own. He also suggests to tag the post with ‘Friday Drabble” and use the hashtag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.

I’ve always been impressed with Steve’s drabbles. First, the guy is a great writer. Second, I am amazed how someone can tell a full story with only 100 words. Because I am talkative, the ability to drabble (yes, I just made it a verb) seems inconceivable to me.

Then I took part in BlogDramadey’s BlogFestvius, which limited the posts to 144 words. Lo and behold, I was able to keep each post at 144 words. Since I was able to meet that challenge, I decided to give this drabble thing a try.


“I am so comfortable. This is awesome.” He said.

She moves a bit and says, “I love it when the house is quiet.”

“Me, too, but I think we should get up.”

“Why?” She asks. “It’s not dinner time yet.”

“No, but I’d rather get up by choice.”

“Well, you can get up.” She says, while stretching. “I am as snug as a bug in a rug.”

He lifts his head. “Was that the door?”

“Go check, if it will make you feel better. I’m staying.”

“Puppies!” The two legged creature says. “What are you guys doing on the bed?”


20 thoughts on “Dabbling in a Drabble

    1. Oh, I don’t know that I succeeded. Well, I did keep it at the 100 word limit, so that does count for something. I hope to do better next week.
      Thank you for the support, Lisa. And, thanks for being a dog lover!

  1. Tee hee – very cute, surprise ending!

    Is your avatar really a picture of you? Because you look about 14-years-old. I don’t think you’re old enough to blog- can I see some ID?

    1. You’re hilarious, PegOLeg. Yep, that’s me – in my 42yr old body. I assure you, I look older in real life, especially when the kids are fighting.
      Glad the ending caught you off guard. Thank you for reading!

    1. Judith, you can dabble in a drabble any day you want. Steve does it on Fridays, but I don’t think it is a ‘rule’. I say go for it! I look forward to reading your creation.

    1. Patti, I was super surprised I could do it. My first attempt is weak, due to just using dialogue. I’ll try harder next week. It ain’t easy for a chatty cathy like me to limit myself. Shoot – even replies to comments are long winded. (smile)

  2. That’s quite a challenge – only 100 words. But you can say a lot in a little space. Way to go for flexing your writing muscles. (OK that a strange image, but you get the point. I hope.)

    1. I hope my 2nd attempt is better. I think mastering storytelling with only 100 words is a wonderful skill. I’ll work on flexing my writing muscles, after I build the writing muscles. (smile) Thanks for reading it, Jackie.

  3. Lenore how could you describe something like this 100 words, that’s quite a challenge for sure. I always find it difficult to end my post with in 800 words. That’s the biggest problem with my posts, due to which not many people bother to spend their precious time in my blog. I hope you can give me lessons on this one.
    As always ending to this post was wonderful. You have mastered the art, how to end posts so beautifully.
    I hope you are not planning to write a post in twitter next. 🙂

    1. Limiting myself to 100 words was a challenge, for certain. I hope to build my writing skills by continuing the challenge on Fridays.
      Keep writing, Arindam. You’ll find your niche, and the readers will come. Good things come to those who wait – and challenge themselves.

  4. Aw! I love that ending, and wish I had a couple of puppies to extract from my own bed. Not to knock my own dog, of course, but 55 pounds of adult dog doesn’t translate to quite the energy of 12 pounds of puppy dog. 😉

    1. Yes, well our ‘puppies’ are 70lbs plus. (I think Wilbur is 80lbs.) They do sleep on the bed during the day, but at night – they get the boot. The bed is not big enough for the four of us – two humans and two dogs. Glad you liked the ending, Deb. Thank you for visiting.

    1. SIG, your comments brighten my day. I appreciate your humor so very much. What you lack in words – you make up for in photos. Though you and I both know you have way with words, too! Thank you for visiting.

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