BlogFestivus – Day 12, the Last Day

The Challenge: Write twelve 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The posts, written daily for 12 days, are to include a different item from the song.

The Instigator: Blogdramedy

The Item for Day 12: 12 Drummers Drumming

The Person all caught up and Ready to Go: Me


“What are you kids doing here?!” A man shouted.

Kate and Lisa spun around and saw a policeman standing in front of them.

“We’re uh…” Kate stammered, as the pipers marched out of sight. “trying to find out if – ”

“ – bagpipes sound different under bridges.” Lisa interrupted.

Kate shot Lisa a look.

“Right. I’m sure that’s it.” The policeman said, escorting the girls up the hill.

The parade underway, the sidewalk was filled with spectators. The policeman told the girls to steer clear of the bridge, and he walked away.

Kate nudged Lisa. “If bagpipes sound different under bridges?”

“What?! I didn’t want you to tell him why we were there.”

“You knew?”

“Yeah, once I heard the bagpipes.”

“Tell me!”

Lisa started to speak. Suddenly, spectators lunged forward, knocking her into the parade, and twelve drummers drumming swept her away.


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28 thoughts on “BlogFestivus – Day 12, the Last Day

  1. haha…so funny…You did it! Congratulations and thank you for the laughs, chuckles and smiles. Thank you for taking us through the funny corridors of your mind…now I want to be swept by the strains of “The Little Drummer Boy”. Funny where our thoughts lead us.

  2. Marching with a drum is not much fun.
    At least if you have long monkey legs.
    You smack them into the bottom of said drum with every step you take.
    Or… so… I… hear.

    1. Hilarious. But, I would think long legs would make it easier? Perhaps a combo short waist/long legs isn’t good?
      I’m guessing your thighs had many a bruises? Thanks for reading, SIG!

  3. Lenore congrats on completion of the challenge successfully. I just wish 12 drummer will drum and give us all a feeling of celebration, of your victory in this challenge. 🙂
    Now i hope you will back to your own world, and invite us all to be part of that funny world soon.

    1. The girls on the bus never talked to me. I was hoping I’d be ‘in the know’ using my narrator card. I would have gotten away with it, too – had those kids not gotten snatched up by the Man!

  4. Quick thinking in the response to the policeman. But did she ever find out about the kilt andwhat is worn under it. I was married to a Scotsman for 41 years so I know the answer..

  5. Hahaha! I guess we’re all gonna have to find our own “pipers” to find out the answer to this question! I hope no one gets arrested.
    Congrats on surviving BlogFestivus!

  6. We did it! Congratulations for sticking it out to the very ambiguous end. 😉 It’s been great fun reading your stories and maybe we’ll see you back next year for another round of BlogFestivus. Different theme, same insanity.

    Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Blogdramedy, the BlogFestivus Elf

    1. *shudder* Again? So quickly? It is hard enough for me to keep posts down to just 144 words… add to it the fact that it has to include specific items. Tempting, but um – no thank you. (smile) Glad you enjoyed the posts, Bridget. I appreciate you following along!

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