BlogFestivus – Day 11

The Challenge: Write twelve 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The posts, written daily for 12 days, are to include a different item from the song.

The Instigator: Blogdramedy

The Item for Day11: 11 Pipers Piping

The Person all caught up and Ready to Go: Me


“Hurry, Lisa!” Kate said.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Lisa asked.

“I don’t want to miss it. Come on! My Mom is already in the car.”

Kate and Lisa were headed to town to see the Highland Holiday Parade. Kate had an ulterior motive. The talk on the school bus tweaked her curiosity. Her classmates claimed to know the answer to the question and laughed at Kate for her naivety.

“We’ll meet you at the coffee shop after the parade, Mom.” Kate said, grabbing Lisa by the hand.

The two ran to the small grated bridge that led into town. Lisa followed Kate under the bridge.

“What are we doing, Kate?”

“Shhh, they’re coming!”

Eleven pipers piping a Christmas tune led the parade across the bridge. Finally, Kate would find out whether or not the pipers wore boxers or briefs or nothing.


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