BlogFestivus – Day 9

The Challenge: Write twelve 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The posts, written daily for 12 days, are to include a different item from the song.

The Instigator: Blogdramedy

The Item for Day9: Nine Ladies Dancing

The Person all caught up and Ready to Go: Me


“I know it is weird, but when I hear ‘nine ladies dancing’ I visualize the voices in my head dancing around and having one big party at my expense.”

Ladies? Please. You mean nine crazies dancing.”

“Fine – nine crazy ladies dancing.”

“Tell me, what sort of dances are they doing?”

“Well, three are doing the Electric Slide, one is doing the Cabbage Patch, another one is doing the Macarena, two are imitating the twins from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, and two are doing the Running Man.”

“The Running Man?”

“Yeah, and they are really good, too! You should see them!”

“No doubt they are all sporting the ‘white man’s overbite’.”

“They are! How did you know?”

“I am really scared for you.”

“So, why is that you are the one that talks to me the most?”

“Because, the others are too busy dancing. Duh!


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22 thoughts on “BlogFestivus – Day 9

  1. “You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine. . .
    We can dance. We can dance. Everybody look at your hands.”

    Your head sounds like a happy place!

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