BlogFestvius – Day 6

The Challenge: Write twelve 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The posts, written daily for 12 days, are to include a different item from the song.

The Instigator: Blogdramedy

The Item for Day 6: Six Geese a’ Laying

The Person trying to get caught up with the Challenge: Me

Ready? Go!


“Are you going with Tony and I to the movies?”

“Tony and me.”


“The proper way to say your question is ‘Are you going with Tony and me?’”

“I hate it when you correct me. You know who you remind me of, right?”

Of whom.

“That is so annoying! I need to go. Are you coming with me?”

“No. I have too many papers to grade.”

“Figures. Hey, do you know where I lied my jacket?”

“You mean, where you laid your jacket.”


“The word to use is ‘laid’ not ‘lied’.”

“You know, I’m not the only one that gets it wrong. Eric Clapton got it wrong, too. It should be ‘Lie Down Sally’.”

“You’re right.”

“Hey, is ‘7 geese a’laying’ correct?”


“I knew it! I knew it should be ‘lie’.”

“No, laying is right; but, it’s 6 geese, not 7.”

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14 thoughts on “BlogFestvius – Day 6

  1. Good one Lenore. Anything you say or write is always correct. (smile)
    Lenore thanks for lateing us know that, the word “Lied” would be more appropriate then “laid”.
    I know you want to correct me,that it’s not ‘lateing’ it’s ‘Letting’ and again it’s not then, it’s ‘Than’. (Smile).

    1. This was a risky post, Wendy. I hope what is intended to be wrong is wrong, and I hope what is intended to be correct is correct. Thanks for reading. I think all Moms can relate. ~ Lenore

  2. Your so good at this stuff. Its great! Their is no one better then you at putting the correct words in the write place. You have lit my fire of creativity and its’ making I pee with laughter.

    Damn…it was hard writing that. Go grammar girl. 😉

    1. Impressive, Blogdramedy! Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I am printing it out and showing my Mom. She’s going to faint when she reads someone referred to me a Grammar Girl. If I mail it to you – would you sign it? Further proof n’ all.

  3. It should be Lie Down Sally? I didn’t know that. When you think about how easy it is to mess up spelling, usage, etc, it’s a wonder any of us attempt writing at all. But I’m glad you attempted it for this post – funny! Good luck with the challenge.

    1. That’s what I’ve heard, Pegoleg. Unless Eric is laying Sally down himself, vs. Sally lying down herself. You lay an object down, you lie yourself down. (So some grammar websites tell me.) I am glad you found the post funny. Thanks for visiting!

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