BlogFestivus – Day 3

The Challenge: Write twelve 144-word posts revolving around “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The posts, written daily for 12 days, are to include a different item from the song.

The Instigator: Blogdramedy

The Item for Day 3: Three French Hens

The Person trying to get caught up with the Challenge: Me

Ready? Go!


The light from the full moon spilled into the barn. With Farmer Ted asleep in his house, the animals were free to gather for their monthly meeting.

“Moooo.” Dirk, the cow, bellowed. “This meeting is called to order.”

“If he jokes one more time about eating more chicken,” whispered Chuck the chicken to Hilda the hen. “I’ll peck him to death.”

Hilda giggled.

“Keep it down, you feathered flock.” Dirk declared.

“We have visitors staying with us for a few days, while Farmer Ted prepares for the holidays.”

One of the animals looked at its’ two friends, “Que dit-il?”

Dirk stared down the three hens in the corner.

The largest hen, unsure of what was happening, ruffled his feathers in frustration, “On ne parle que français.”

“Would someone please tell me what those hens are saying?”

“I speak French,” said Yvon, the Canadian Goose.

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