On the Record

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a conversation that took place between my friend and I. Fearing E.O. would appear at my doorstep with flowers and candy, I decided to pull the post within an hour of publishing. After all, I’m an ice cream kind of gal. Flowers and candy do not impress me, and I didn’t want to risk finding out E.O. is lactose intolerant.

I’ve written and published 290 posts since beginning this blog in January 2010. Prior to last night, I had not pulled any posts.

When I tried to go to bed last night, my mind went into overdrive. I had visions of me walking around with a notebook and cassette recorder, talking with friends and family. During discussions, my friends and family would ask, “Are you putting this conversation on the record?” As the scenes in my head played out, I noticed conversations began to come to a halt whenever I walked into a room.

I was introduced to a style of poem called etheree by Priya and her blog, “Partial View”.

An etheree is comprised of 10 lines. The first line is one syllable; the second line is two syllables; etc. The lines increase one syllable per line until the end, which is a 10 syllable line. Because the style of the poem focuses on syllables, etherees do not rhyme and the lines are not metered.

What follows is a more cryptic play of my pulled post, cleverly written as an etheree. This is my first attempt to write an etheree. I hope you like it. (Names were changed to protect the innocent.)



Adam Smith?

Yes, Adam Smith.

Oh my! He is hot.

Adam is fifty-five.

Whatever. He is still hot.

He is old. Your crush cracks me up.

His jawline, his voice, the music… Wow.

Dork. Are you putting this on the record?

20 thoughts on “On the Record

  1. I caught the EO post yesterday, but had two little monkeys on my back, so i did not get a chance to comment. I loved the post, because we all have an EO in our life who we feel the same way about. He could be 55 65 or 75 years old and we would still swoon at his feet. i get it!

    1. Whenever I am in a room and EO walks by (it only happens at Eddie’s Attic), my face will become instantly red, as I blush. It’s ridiculous.
      Glad you were able to read the ‘real’ post. Even better that you liked it! I thought it was pretty funny. Here’s to swooning!

  2. Your posts and streams of thought are very enlightening and definitely funny!!! I am so glad that we can still keep intouch even though our boys are in different places!!! I will certainly keep reading and I do hope you keep writing!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I’m glad you are reading and enjoying what I am writing. As long as the voices are in my head, my writing will continue. I think Rob hopes the voices will stop soon.

  3. Ewww, tis true. It’s a touchy one – Even when we praise people, there are all those we are not. How to polish off a first stab at a different style of poetry! Well done.

    1. Thank you, Soul Dipper. Writing an etheree is fun for me. Though if someone were filming me while I was writing one, I’m certain they’d have a good laugh. I tend to beat the table or clap my hands, as I count the syllables. The fact that I had to pull the original was for the best, because it gave me the perfect opportunity for the etheree. Glad you liked it.

  4. That. Was. Awesome. (and I only break out my use of short sentences for special effect once in a blue moon)

    yes, yes, FP this!!!! (and I am so very sorry I missed your previously deleted post…damn!)

    1. You and Deb are silly. Though the praise I appreciate and gladly accept. (smile) And yes, short sentences must be kept in a box and used only for special moments. I’m honored you felt this was a special moment. Thank you!

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