The Painting and a Challange

Challenged by an inspiration, or inspired by a challenge – either way, I am taking an opportunity to create another Etheree. Thanks to Val Erde her blog Absurd Old Bird, I am using her work to create a piece of my own.

The challenge began with Val, and her post titled, “My challenge to you…”, inviting writers to create something on their own, using one of Val’s paintings and/or poems. Inspired, Woman Wielding Words and She’s a Maineiac took Val up on her challenge.

Moved by the creations of Woman and Maineiac, as well as the one who initiated it all, I decided to throw my pen into the ring. Continue reading “The Painting and a Challange”

On the Record

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a conversation that took place between my friend and I. Fearing E.O. would appear at my doorstep with flowers and candy, I decided to pull the post within an hour of publishing. After all, I’m an ice cream kind of gal. Flowers and candy do not impress me, and I didn’t want to risk finding out E.O. is lactose intolerant.

I’ve written and published 290 posts since beginning this blog in January 2010. Prior to last night, I had not pulled any posts.

When I tried to go to bed last night, my mind went into overdrive. I had visions of me walking around with a notebook and cassette recorder, talking with friends and family. During discussions, my friends and family would ask, “Are you putting this conversation on the record?” As the scenes in my head played out, I noticed conversations began to come to a halt whenever I walked into a room. Continue reading “On the Record”